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Summary of the area of research

Big data analytics offers tremendous opportunities in enhancing the quality of healthcare from improving the delivery of healthcare services to aiding research on drugs. In order to understand its potential in Indian healthcare, this research focuses on identifying the benefits, opportunities and its challenges in Indian setup.


List of Publications

Papers Published:

Mehta, N., Pandit, A., & Shukla, S. (2019). Transforming healthcare with big data analytics and artificial intelligence: A systematic mapping study. Journal of biomedical informatics, 103311.

Mehta, N., & Pandit, A. (2018). Concurrence of big data analytics and healthcare: A systematic review. International journal of medical informatics, 114, 57-65.

Mehta, N., & Pandit, A. (2017). Perceptions of EMR System by Doctors in Pune (India). Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 8(4), 540-546.


Chapters Published:

Mehta, N., Pandit, A., & Kulkarni, M. (2020). Elements of Healthcare Big Data Analytics. In Big Data Analytics in Healthcare (pp. 23-43). Springer, Cham.


Conferences Attended

National Conference on “Recent Advancements in Statistics & Their Applications to the Society”, organized by A.J.M.V.P.S.’S New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar, held on 17th -18th January 2019.

8th International Conference on REVOLUTIONIZING HEALTHCARE WITH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, organized by Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, held on 1st – 2nd December 2017.

National Conference on Safe and Sustainable Hospital (SASH-2016), organized by Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, held on 12th-13th November 2016.