Director’s message

In this era of Big-Data, world is moving towards advanced technologies- where computer and network are practically everywhere and everything can be measured. We need statistics to make big data more useful. From fields like neuroscience, genomics to astronomy are now deluged with data and statistics remains at the core. Statistical thinking has significantly changed from assessing science to a way of doing science. Most of the important discoveries emerge from a mass of information only when they are viewed through the prism of statistics. Hence, the correct use of statistics is not just good for science but now a day it is essential too.

Statistics is an emergent discipline that has rapidly adapted to current challenges. More and more jobs across disciplines and domains require statistical literacy and skills in data analysis. Symbiosis International (Deemed University) has established need based institutes across seven faculties. This gives SSI unique opportunity to train students for interdisciplinary application of statistics education with respect to the critical skills and competencies.

Come, join us at SSI and enhance your statistical philosophy to explore the horizons of the statistical world and build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to support a data-driven future.